Confirmation 2017-18
Dear 8th grade Student and Family,

Congrats on entering the exciting world of 8th grade! With the new school year there are so many wonderful opportunities on the horizon, both in school and church. Entering 8th grade means that you are invited to join our 2017-18 Confirmation Class. But what is Confirmation, exactly? Here is a small description that we like to use to give you a better idea:

What is Confirmation?

At Brecksville United Methodist Church, we believe Confirmation is an important and exciting time in a young personís faith journey. Many students were baptized as small children and since have been encouraged by their families to participate in the life of the church. Confirmation is a fulfillment of promises made during Baptism by a childís parents and the members of the congregation. Such promises include teaching children about the love of Christ, the importance of faith communities, and encouraging them to grow in their relationship with God. During a studentís 8th grade year (September-May) they are invited to explore what it means to be a Christ-follower in the United Methodist Church and claim their faith as their own.

Our Confirmation year will run from September 17, 2017- May 20, 2018. Programming will include Sunday School, being assigned a mentor, various missions/volunteer opportunities, a weekend retreat, and a celebration Sunday. We hope to offer a large variety of chances to explore what faith means to you and how living into that faith looks after Confirmation.

Before we start this awesome year, we would like to meet with you and chat about Confirmation expectations, details, and any questions you may have. We would love to visit you at your home (or a location of your choice) and get to know you a little better. This will also be a chance for you to tell us if you've been thinking about someone to be your mentor. We would love to meet in these next few weeks before your first Sunday School class on September 17. If you could respond to this email with some days and times that could work for your and your family, that would be so awesome!

We are really looking forward to spending time with you this year and helping you develop in your faith in new and fun ways!