Classes for Adults, Fall 2017
The education hour is a great time to meet and get to know a smaller group of your church family.  Visitors are always welcome in every class!   This fall, we have two options for adults during the education hour:

1. Back to Basics
Every week join Pastor Clark to meet one of your spiritual ancestors.  You will be amazed to find that they are a lot like you.  Some were heroes, some were villains but most were just everyday folks that we can learn so much from.  Hear the stories of these men and women called by God to do amazing things and see how they fit into the larger narrative of our faith story.

2. Digging into our Methodist Roots
John Wesley loved God and loved people.  He organized Methodist Societies to provide an avenue for believers to engage more effectively in matters of social action. Wesley was concerned with many issues of social justice including slavery, prison reform, education and the rights of the poor and of women.  Early Methodist leaders followed closely in his footsteps and established our social principals.  As we look to make our way forward as faithful followers of Jesus Christ and maintain our Methodist heritage we need to revisit our roots. 

Join Jenny to explore Wesley’s three simple rules for living the Christian life and the five means of grace that Wesley called “instituted,” meaning that they are spiritual practices in which Jesus himself participated and which he encouraged his followers to do. One of the beautiful aspects of Wesley’s theology is that spiritual practices are seamlessly integrated with practices of loving our neighbors well. This is why Wesley said there is no holiness but social holiness. A life of genuine prayer inevitably leads to a life of hospitality, mercy, and justice.