Yuletide Bikes 2017
Twenty-one kids had a better Christmas, thanks to Santa’s bike workshop!  After months of bike repair and refurbishment, our bike ministry team was thrilled to pair bikes with folks who needed them.  Working with the Yuletide Hunger program and the City of Brecksville, our bike ministry invited families to come to our bike showroom (in Fellowship Hall) to select bikes for Christmas. 

Ruth Georgevitch fashioned more than 30 big, beautiful, bows for the bikes; Jenny Gee attached tags to each bike; Wally Kudlaty and Jinho Lee prepared the bikes and arranged them just so;  Gretchen Mates, Ann Rittman, George Smith and Kathy Sopka served hot chocolate and cookies; and Christmas spirit filled the air! 

Thank you all for your support of this ministry throughout the year! Want to get involved?  Contact Jenny:  440-526-8938.