Living Lent, BUMC's at Home Study
The season of Lent is a GREAT time to start weekly devotions.  Lent begins with Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14) and lasts 40 days, not including Sundays.  Every Sunday is a little celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus and thus a time of joy. 

The wonderful thing about Lent is that we can use it as a specific time period to ask God to transform our lives.  Where do you need to grow or change?  God can also deepen your joy, love and service to others!

We have created a table tent card with readings, prayers and actions to help you and your family on your Lenten journey.  We’ve combined Mary Jane Pierce Norton’s “2018 Family Study for Lent” with the ReThink Church Photo-a-Day challenge, and BUMC’s Lenten challenge.  We encourage you to keep the tent card on a table or desk where you can use it throughout Lent. Pick up a copy of the card at church on Sunday or contact us and we'll get one to you!

Our hope is that the card will be meaningful for people of different interests and life circumstances.  Choose which parts of the tent card work for you. 

The Tent Card starts on Sunday, February 18.  We hope you like it!
Share a copy with a friend!