THE BLANKET PROJECT: Make a Blanket/Donate a Gently Used Blanket
On warm summer days, it’s sometimes hard to remember that some of our neighbors will be cold this winter.

The Missions & Outreach is launching a new project to help keep our neighbors warm this winter: Make a Blanket/ Donate a Gently Used Blanket.

On Sunday, September 15, 2019 we’ll have an all church event between services. Our goal? Create 100 no-sew fleece blankets by tying the fringe on all four sides. These blankets will be donated to City Mission in Cleveland.  This is a mission activity suitable for all ages.

To accomplish this goal, we need to pre-cut the fleece to size and fringe cut.  Can you help? This is an activity for teens and adults.  Bring your sharp scissors and drop in to Fellowship Hall:

August 16 from 3 pm—5 pm
August 18 from  9:30 am—11:30 am
August 21 from 11 am—1 pm
August 25 from 9:30 - 11 am
August 28 from 6 pm—8 pm
September 3 fromj 7-8:30 pm
September 5 from  10 am - 12 pm

The no-sew blankets will be donated to The City Mission.  Starting September 8, we will be collecting gently used blankets of any kind (afghans, lap blankets, comforters, baby blankets, etc. ) These donations will help those served by Nehemiah Mission, a United Methodist Mission in Cleveland.