Top Ten Reasons to Join the Choir
1. Experience a sense of belonging.
2. Build lasting relationships.
3. Serve through music ministry - you’ll be a worship leader!
4. You’ll have an excuse to start singing Christmas music in October.
5. Singing relieves stress after a long week.
6. You don’t need to know how to read music!!!
7. Build confidence.
8. Choir robes hide coffee stains.
9. Weekly back rubs.
10. No expensive instrument required -  you already own yours!

Our choir is an extremely welcoming & accepting group, and we would love the opportunity to get to work with you.  Thursday nights have become a way for our choir to express ourselves musically, personally, and spiritually.  Rehearsals begin September 12.  (6:15 Bells/7:30 Choir)

Want to learn more?  Contact Music Director, Malik Khalfani.
440-526-8938 ext. 231 or