Communion, The Meal That Makes Us One
“Growing up in the Methodist tradition, I can’t remember a time where I did not take Communion. I loved the rhythm of it; we all came together to the table and were treated equally. After I went gluten-free, Communion became a stressful occurrence that I often dreaded. In fact, I went almost a year and a half without receiving.” - From The IRD Blog

Brecksville United Methodist Church is committed to inclusion.

In the United Methodist tradition, communion is open to anyone who seeks to respond to Christ's love and to lead a new life of peace and love. 

But for people with sensitivity to gluten, an ingredient in traditional communion bread, there was a barrier. That changed last month, when we switched from having separate gluten free communion wafers to using 100% gluten free bread for all on Communion Sunday.

“I have never felt more loved or cared for by this church family than this morning” said one member of our congregation when we made the switch. 

In going Gluten Free, we consulted with other churches, bakeries, and people living a gluten-free life.  We are currently using a gluten free bread from a company called Udi’s. Did you notice a difference?  We welcome suggestions and resources!

Some things to know about Communion at Brecksville United Methodist Church

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.
Children are most welcome! While they may not understand the deep theological meanings, they can feel the blessing of being a part of God’s family who love one another and are deeply loved by Jesus Christ.

We observe Communion by intinction: the congregation leaves their pews and come forward, receiving a piece of bread and dipping it in a chalice of juice.

Using juice allows those with sensitivity to alcohol to participate.

Communion is served by a communion steward, who places a piece of bread into your hand. This helps minimize the spread of germs.

All of this is God’s gift to us.

Some things to think about...

When you receive the bread and cup, the body and blood of Christ, what's happening in your heart?

What is it about celebrating Holy Communion with these particular people of your congregation that makes a difference in your life?

How does celebrating Holy Communion help you follow Jesus wherever you go and whatever you do?