Finance Update 
We all started out the year with a budget in mind, be it personal or work-related. We organized and prioritized, discussed at length, and finally came up with something that all parties could move forward with. And like you, the Finance Committee came up with a way to accomplish our mission. Unfortunately, no plan could predict a world-wide pandemic! Last week in our Finance meeting, we went back to the drawing board on a few items. 

We receive the majority of our income from you via your annual commitments and weekly offerings, but we also budget for about 5% of our money to come in from other revenue streams. With in-person services not resuming just yet, we acknowledge that our Loose Offerings will not meet our expectations. Since gatherings are limited, our Facility Use and Wedding income will also be reduced. 

In response, we have amended these items in hopes to have a more accurate target for the end of the year. The graph below explains these changes.

As always, and especially now, we thank you for your support!

- Becky Paroda for the Finance Committee

Finance Update May, 2020 Graph