Facility Use During Covid 19
May 20, 2020

To Our Church Groups:

“Do no harm.  Do good. Stay in love with God.”  The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, urged us to live by these three simple rules. 

As our community continues to live through the challenges presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic, our church has found new and creative ways to live into these three simple rules.  As much as possible, our ministry staff are working remotely.  We have closed the building to all but essential meetings. Our worship services have moved online, as have classes, Bible Studies and committee meetings.

As our economy begins to open up, more groups want to resume meeting in the church building.  This will be possible if we each agree to accept our responsibility to care for one another by taking steps to reduce the possibility of harm - not only to those meeting and working with us - but to every human being who enters the building for any reason.

We have written an addendum to our facilities use agreement. The text is below, and a printable version is posted on the forms section of our website.

Before scheduling a meeting at the church, please review this addendum, sign it, and return to us indicating your willingness to abide by these new rules until further notice - or indicating that you will not meet here while these precautions are required.

The addendum was developed using CDC Guidelines, guidance from The East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, and other resources.  As we look at the facts, the answer as to whether we should wear a mask and keep our distance is easy. Taking reasonable precautions when we come to the church is the best way to stop the spread of the virus and help us come together sooner. 

Jesus said, “Love one another.”  We show that love by wearing a mask, washing our hands, staying home when we don’t feel well and keeping a safe distance from one another.  As followers of Christ, we believe in doing these things in a communal spirit of care and love. 

We view the future not with fear, but with an obligation to do our part to mitigate the virus’s spread.  If you have questions or would like to discuss anything in this letter or addendum, please contact us.

Thank you,

Rev. Heidi Welch, Senior Pastor               
Melanie Smith, Office Manager
On behalf of the Board of Trustees
Church Office: 440-526-8938

In effect June 2020 until further notice

Brecksville United Methodist Church strives to be an open and welcoming community of faith. For the safety and health of all who work in and use the building, we have developed new protocols during the coronavirus pandemic. All groups meeting in the church must agree to these rules and procedures to continue using the building.

Please note:  The church building will be locked except for the time of your meeting or event. Every effort will be made to have the building unlocked 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Groups should leave the building within 15 minutes of your scheduled end time to allow for proper scheduling of other groups and cleaning.

  • Groups must only use the room assigned and restrooms on your floor.

  • Face masks are to be worn by all members of your group while in the building. Your group should make plans to ensure that everyone has a mask.  Anyone not wearing a mask is not permitted in the building.

  • All persons entering the building should sanitize their hands or wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Groups are encouraged to supply their own hand sanitizer. The church will also have sanitizer available.

  • Social distancing of at least six feet should be maintained among group members at all times. Meeting room assignments may change during this time to provide the space needed for proper distancing.

  • While the church recognizes the importance of hospitality, groups should not share coffee or other refreshments at meetings. Group members should be encouraged to bring their own beverage or snack for personal use and properly dispose of those items.

  • Groups should discourage members from bringing children to meetings. If children accompany a group member to a meeting they must stay with that member while in the building. No child care or other rooms will be available for children.

  • The church will regularly sanitize high touch areas. All groups using the church must understand and accept that the church can not guarantee a coronavirus free environment as the virus is invisible and can be brought in at any time by anyone.

  • If your group learns that someone in your group has tested positive for the coronavirus and that person has been in the church within the past 14 days you must notify the church immediately.

  • You must take attendance and provide a list of attendees to the church office by email: (We respect the need for anonymity among our recovery groups, and ask that you keep your own lists - as simple as a first name and phone number or email address - and use them to notify your own members.)

  • In the event we are notified of a positive test of a person who has been in the building, the church will notify all groups using the church  For this reason it is extremely important that you provide a contact person and contact information for your group—and update that information as leadership in your group changes.