Five Marks of a Methodist
Five Marks of a Methodist: The Fruit of a Living Faith by Steve Harper

Sundays at 10 am: September 13 - October 18

John Wesley knew that, like a building, our faith could only remain strong if it was built on a sturdy foundation.† To help those who were looking to have a genuine and long-lasting experience of God he wrote a document called The Character of a Methodist in 1742.† His original document is a gift to us today.†

Join Jenny - via Zoom - on Sunday mornings at 10:30 to learn about the five characteristics that Wesley believe help us develop into genuine disciples of Jesus.†

Purchase the book and Participants Character Guide to be delivered to your home through Amazon Smile ($9.99 for the book and $4.99 for the participantís guide) or from Cokesbury ($8.99 for the book and $4.99 for the participantís guide).† Shipping is a little pricier and a bit slower with Cokesbury.†

Email Jenny ( if you are having trouble ordering the books or for the meeting login information.   Register here: .