Pastor Appreciation Sunday
From Ministry Smart:

"It's been a rough year for all of us, but especially for our church leaders. October is Pastor Appreciation Month, where we pause and remember how thankful we truly are for our pastoral staff. We donít always recognize the sacrifices they make and the big and little things they do to shepherd us and lead us. We should take this time to think about how we can bless our pastors and leaders who minister to us each week. Just because they are leading us does not mean we cannot minister to them.

We should remember that:
  • Our pastors are people too who have good and bad days yet still help us through our WORST days.

  • Our pastors need their cups filled too. A kind word and a pat on the back can go a long way to help them when they're feeling worn and weary.

  • We are called to pray for them."

This Sunday is Pastor Appreciation Sunday. The Staff Parish Relations Committee has a display in the church lobby where we can write cards and drop them into boxes for Pastor Heidi, Pastor Barbara and Rev. Kathy. You can use one of the blank cards provided -- or bring your own!

If you won't be here, why not drop a note in the mail, send them an email message, or give them a call?

A kind word is fuel for the journey!